GR#2: Getting ready for the unexpected

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Getting Ready!

#2 – Getting ready for the unexpected

Think about life: 

  • What happened last year that you did not expect?
  • Name a few of the most unexpected events, usually difficult ones in your life.  What did you learn through them?  How did those events shape you as a person and your faith in Jesus Christ?

Exploring Scripture:

Read Psalm 77:1-20

  • What is the writer’s perspective on life and God verses 1-10?
  • What begins to change the writer’s mind in verses 11-12?
  • When the Israelites saw the Red Sea blocking their path to freedom they trembled.  What did the Red Sea do when it saw God?  How does that change our attitude toward seemingly hopeless situations?
  • Name a time when God made a pathway for you that you did not know was there?
  • What did God provide for the escaping Israelites in verse 20?  How has God provided that for you?

Read Rom. 8:26-30

  • How does God help us when we don’t know what to pray for?  (Verses 26-27)  How does that change your approach to praying?
  • (Verse 28)  What do you like and not like about this verse?   If you could rewrite the verse, how would it read?
  • As God is causing everything to work together for our good, what is the “good” that God is inviting us into?  (Verses 29-30)

Scripture readings:  Psalm 77; Rom. 8:18-30; Rom. 5:1-11