Mark TracyDevotionals

Thank you for taking this journey of awakening together with us. Thank you for joining a New Room Band. And thank you for banding together to sow for a great awakening. So where do we go from here?

Our hope is we can continue traveling this journey with you and your band. We have developed an ongoing approach to resourcing Discipleship Bands. You might delve into Wake Up: An Introduction to the Second Half of the Gospel or another of our available studies. Through our research and work with people, we have discovered a tried and tested path, when walked together, bears much fruit. All most of us need is a little guidance. That’s what we are offering. You will be hearing more about that in the days to come.

The pathway to an ever-deepening awakening is not an easy one and it doesn’t go well alone. It may be time to launch a new band. Perhaps this first band journey was only for this season. Perhaps you want to go forward together. Even better, perhaps you might consider each starting an additional band where you can invite others. That’s how this network of bands will grow.

Small is the new big. God doesn’t do in a big way what he first doesn’t do in a lot of small ways. That’s what this is all about—banding together to sow for a great awakening—beginning with ourselves. Awakening must begin with me.

Lord Jesus, thank you for leading us on this journey. Thank you for showing us it is all at once easier than we thought yet harder than we imagined. Thank you for this band and their faithfulness to one another. We ask for your guidance in our next step. Show us the way we should go. We will follow. Come Holy Spirit and fill us with all the fullness of God. We pray in your name Jesus, amen.

What might we do as our next step?