Cornerstone is learning to live with Jesus to live like Jesus. To that end, our men and women are encouraged to go to bible studies, annual events, and support groups geared specifically for them to be rooted in Christ and connected to one another. We also provide leadership training to facilitate missional communities that practice living the up, in, and out rhythm of Jesus.

These groups can change and new groups from throughout the year, so please contact Luke Smith at for more information.

Current Opportunities


If you’re a woman who comes to church alone, whether you’re single, a widow, divorced, or come without your husband, this class is for you.  Connect with Jesus through worship, new friends, and mission in our community.  We’ll begin by studying Elisa Morgan’s book, “She Did What She Could”.  Contact Teri Anderson (320-632-3477) or Carla Johnson (605-881-4866) for more information.
This bible study begins by breaking down the book of Colossians. One of the most important writings on our identity in Christ, we will be answering the questions: Who is Jesus? Who are we? How do we deal with cultural pressures in a way that glorifies God? Facilitated by Luke Smith
Based on over three decades of counseling as well as scientific and biblical research, this class has given hope and new life to thousands of marriages.  This class tackles three questions: (1) Why do we negatively react to each other in marriage? (2) How do I best motivate my spouse? (3) What if my spouse does not respond to me? Facilitated by Aaron/Deanna Shives or Dave/Dori Moffatt
Join us for 9-weeks with Dave Ramsay to learn how to take control of your financial future once and for all! Dave teaches Biblical principles and practical truths that will change your life. Contact Kirby Zent at 881-7207 for more information about this life-changing opportunity.


This class offers hope and guidance in the midst of confusion to adult victims of childhood sexual abuse. This is an intensely personal and specific look at this most ‘soul deadening’ form of abuse. Personal because it may be affecting you, your spouse, a close friend or neighbor. Specific because it goes well beyond the general issues and solutions discussed in other books. Please call Susan at 520-6743 for more information.
This gathering of men meets weekly to follow Christ together, challenging each other daily to believe the incredible news that God actually knows us, loves us, and has restored us to himself. Break free from isolation. Learn how to live honestly. Give yourself grace.. Call Luke at 886-2242 for more information.


Parent(s) Grief Support Group–5:30pm (3rd Tuesday of Month)
Support for those who have lost a child.
Contact: Susan Rieb (605)237-3791


This isn’t your average Bible study. We read Big. We read real. We read together. Join us as weekly as we ask five questions: What’s something you noticed for the first time? What questions did you have? Was there anything that bothered you? What did you learn about loving God? What did you learn about loving others? Facilitated by Caren MacMurchy.
OASIS is a support group designed to provide community, truth, and hope to the person who lives with chronic illness or pain. We meet on-line weekly for conversation, scripture, reflection, and prayer. Contact Luke @ 886-2242 for more information.
Family Meal—5:15-6:00 PM @ CUMC Rm.103
Don’t worry about having to get something put together—come join us for supper at One Stop! Pre-registration and donation appreciated. Contact Luke @ 886-2242 for more information.

Shaping Your Family’s Future—6:00-7:00 PM @ CUMC Rm.102
All parents want to shape their family’s future so that their family is a place of joy, peace, and hope.  But how?  Come and join Pastor Steve as he leads us through a process of helping us learn to apply God’s Word to our family experience so that God end’s up shaping our family’s future for His glory.  Contact Pastor Steve @ 886-2242 for more information.

Saturate—6:00-7:00 PM @ CUMC Rm.103
Principles & Practices For Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life. The questions, activities, prayers, and exercises of this study will prompt you to do exactly that—put your thoughts and theology into hands-on practice. Each week builds on the next, aligning your heart with the will of God, examining your core identity beliefs, and launching you into mission. Contact Luke @ 886-2242 for more information.

SMART Step Family—6:00-7:00 PM @ CUMC Fireside Rm.
Leading stepfamily expert Ron L. Deal reveals the seven fundamental steps to blended family success and provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily. Whether married or soon-to-be-married, you’ll discover how to solve the everyday puzzles of step-parenting and stepchildren relationships; communicate effectively with an ex-spouse; handle stepfamily finances confidently; & “cook” your stepfamily slowly rather than expect an instant blend. Facilitated by Jessica and Stuart Geerdes.


This community of men meets weekly to share a meal and devotion, have real conversation, and find accountability. You will walk away encouraged and ready for your day. Contact Larry Keyes @ 881-8959 more information.
Prepare to stand firm on the authority of God’s Word, and be equipped and challenged to activate your faith! Topics include developing a biblical worldview, tips on how to engage and reach friends for Christ, confidence boosting ideas on how to confront our evolutionized culture, examples of “cultural brainwashing,” and an inspiring challenge on how to be God’s players in the game called life. Contact Sandra Keyes @881-8960 for more information.
Does God really speak today? Can we hear Him? Is it possible that He has a voice, and that we can train our ears to hear and respond to Him? According to the Scriptures, that is precisely the case. In this course, you’ll learn powerful truths and principles for returning to God’s biblical normal when it comes to communicating with Him. Contact Luke @ 886-2242 for more information.


Men Moving Forward—6:30-7:30 AM @ CUMC Fireside Rm
Whether you are just getting started on your journey in the Lord or have been journeying for years, join these men as we learn how to read the Bible and pray effectively. Contact Pastor Steve @ 886-2242 for more information

Bible Study Resources

Cornerstone offers access to a bible study website, “”, with comprehensive study options at your convenience. Contact Luke Smith at for log-in information. We also have numerous studies that can be checked out from the church office.