WM#4: The Worship/Music Connection!

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STUDY GUIDE FOR 6-24-18: WORSHIP MATTERS! #4 – The Worship/Music Connection!

Think about life:

  • What are your top 3 secular songs and why?

  • In the music you listen to and enjoy the most, what musical instruments are used?

  • Think about the different church worship service you’ve attended. What different types of songs and musical instruments were used?

  • Do you like to sing? Why or why not?

  • When you attend a worship service, what kind of songs and instrumentation best help you connect with God?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:

  • Read Psalm 150.

    • What word is most often repeated and how would you define it?

    • To whom is the praise and singing directed? Think of your favorite hymn/worship song; to whom is it directed?

    • List the instruments used to praise God. Would this worship music sound soft and controlled or loud and somewhat chaotic?

    • What would it look like for us to praise God the way Psalm 150 describes?

  • Read Luke 1:46-55.

    • This is “Mary’s Song”, the song Mary sang during her visit with Elizabeth as Mary realized that she really was going to be the mother of the Son of God.

    • What are the things that Mary sings about? Are they similar or different than what we often sing about in worship?

    • Is the primary message about what Mary has done or what God has done?

    • How does singing about what God has done increase our faith?

  • Read Revelation 5.

    • Note: This is part of John’s God-given vision of heaven. The Lamb is Jesus Christ, once crucified, now risen and ascended into heaven.

    • In verses 1-5, what is the problem and who is the solution?

    • In verses 6-8, what happens when the Lamb/Jesus takes the scroll from God the Father?

    • Who sings the song in verses 9-10 and what is the message of the song?

    • Who joins in singing the song in verse 12?

    • Who joins in singing the song in verse 13?

    • What lesson would you take from this vision about what our worship singing should be like?

Daily Scripture readings – Songs from Psalms: Psalm 6, 11, 36, 47, 51