The Power of Grief

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The Power of Grief

Think about life: 

  • What were you earliest experiences with grief? What did you feel and how did you deal with the grief?
  • How did your parents and extended family handle grief? What was OK and what was to be avoided?  What grief seen as a sign of weakness?  Did people talk about their grief?
  • List different types of loses that bring grief into people’s lives.
  • How does grief have the power to immobilize and isolate?
  • How does grief have the power to bring us to God?
  • What has been most helpful to you in dealing with grief?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:  

  • Read Mark 3:1-6
    • Why was Jesus angry and grieved?
    • What is the connection between grief and anger?
  • Read Matthew 23:37-39
    • Why is Jesus grieving over Jerusalem?
    • What does this say about God’s heart toward those who rebel?
  • Read Mark 14:32-34
    • How is Jesus’ grief described?
    • Why is Jesus experiencing grief? Do the disciples understand?
    • How is this incident an example of how grief has the power to isolate as well as bring us to God?
  • Read John 3:16
    • How does God for a rebellious world and giving His only Son bring God two kinds of grief?
    • How might God’s example help us as we deal with difficult people?
  • Read Lamentations 3:20-23 (Written after Jerusalem’s fall and destruction of the Temple.)
    • What will the author not forget and why will he still dare to hope?
    • What does suffering and grief drive the author to depend upon?
    • How does grief have the power to bring us to God?
  • Read John 16:20 (Jesus talking to his disciples prior to his crucifixion)
    • What will cause the disciples to mourn? And what will cause their grief to suddenly turn to joy?
    • How does the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ affect our grief for our loved ones who died having faith in Jesus Christ?

Scripture readings:   Lamentations 3:1-27; Mark 14:32-42; Isaiah 53