TG#3: Trusting the Authority of the Risen Christ!

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Trusting the Authority of the Risen Christ!

Think about life: 

  • Can you recall during your childhood and youth how different people in your life used their authority over you?  Share an example of someone who used their authority to mentor or teach you.  Share an example of someone who used their authority to discourage or belittle you.
  • Who was the best and worst boss you’ve ever had?  What was the difference between the two? 

Exploring Scripture:

Read Gen. 3:1-6

  1. What was the process through which the woman and man chose to distrust God’s goodness and rebel against his authority?
  2. How does that same process appear in our lives?  What helps you keep trusting God’s goodness and surrendering to his authority when temptation comes?

Read Gen. 3:7-19

  1.  What were the results of the man and woman believing they had the ability to write their own rules?   What was affected and how?
  2. Talk about the consequences you’ve endured when you decided to rewrite God’s instructions to fit what you wanted to do? 

Read John 13:1-11

  1. What kind of authority was Jesus given?  What could he have done with that authority?  What did he choose to do with that authority?  How does what Jesus did with his authority help you trust him?
  2. What didn’t Peter understand about Jesus? What did Peter think of Jesus leading by being a servant?  How does following Jesus example of being a servant leader change the way you think about our roles in life?

Bible Reading:  Gen. 1-3; John 13:1-11; Phil. 2:1-11; Prov. 3:1-12