Remembering God’s Faithful Love!

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Remembering God’s Faithful Love!

Think about life: 

  • What is one of your best memories?  What is one of your most difficult memories? 
  • Recall 4 instances in which God was faithful to you through difficult times. 

Exploring Scripture:

Read Psalm 136:1-26

  1. How many times are we told to “give thanks” go God?
  2. What category of things are we told to give thanks to God in verses 1-9?  When is the last time you spent time outside and found yourself thanking God for creation?   How could you incorporate that into your daily routine, such as taking a work or driving to work?
  3. In verses 10 through 22 key events in Israel’s history are recalled, giving God credit for rescue and deliverance.  Looking back over your life, at what point has God rescued and delivered you?
  4. How does God remember us in verse 23?  How is that a sign of God’s faithful love that will come to completion through God sending his Son, Jesus Christ?  (See John 3:16-17)
  5. How are you doing in your remembering?  Do you find yourself including thanking God for His faithful love toward you?  If not, take time right now, recall some key events in your life, and thank God for his faithful love toward you during those times. 

Read James 1:16-18

  1. What are you told about God? 
  2. Where do all good gifts come from?
  3. As we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ who do we become?  (Verse 18)
  4. If How does it affect a person if they think they earned or deserved all the good gifts they receive in life vs. the person who understand that every good thing they have in life is a gift from God? 

Bible Reading:  Psalm 136:1-26; James 1:16-18; Psalm 103