PS#6: Hoping…

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Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

#6 – Hoping…

Think about life: 

  • When people use the word “hope”, do they most often use it in the sense of wishing something would happen that they’re not sure well, or a hope that they are confident will happen?
  • Was there something that you really hoped for as a child, youth, or adult that did not happen?  How did that affect you? 
  • When the pressure is on, when life is really tough, do you tend to hope more or less?  Do you tend to put your hope in yourself, others, or God? 

Exploring Scripture:

  1. Read Rom. 8:18-25
    • Paul does not minimize the sufferings of the believers, but he does lessened its impact.  How? (Verse 18) How would future hope help New Testament believers deal with persecution?  How does future hope help us handle the trials and difficulties in our lives?
    • What is creation itself waiting for?  (Verses 19-22)
    • What are we believer’s hoping for?  (Verses 23-24) 
    • How does Paul say we are to wait for the hope of our new resurrection bodies?  (Verse 25)  How does having a hope for a great future help us deal with a troublesome present? 
  2. Read Rev. 21:1-7
    • In John’s God-given vision of the end, what do you expect to hear?  What did you not expect? 
    • Many people want to know what heaven is like.  From these verses what would you tell them?
    • If you have to pick out one or two key words in this passage, what would them be? 
    • What do you like most about the description of the new heaven and new earth?  Anything you’re still curious about?

Bible Reading:  Psalm 25:5; 33:20; 39:7; 143:3; Rom. 8:18-25; Rev. 21:1-8