PS#5: Praying…

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Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

#5 – Praying

Think about life: 

  • When people are in a time of suffering and pain, what types of though occupy their minds?  What thought tend to be pushed to the side? 
  • Recall the most challenging times in your life.  Did those times affect your praying?  Did you pray less or more?  Did you begin praying differently?  Did you feel closer to or further away from God?
  • Would you rather have God rescue you from a tough time, or refine you character and faith as you go through a tough time?

Exploring Scripture:

  • Read Job 1:6-22
    1. Why did Satan say Job served God?  What type of test of Job did God agree to?
    2. What did Job lose?  How did Job react? 
    3.  How does Job’s knowing that God both give and takes away enable him to endure terrible loss?
  •  Read Job 3:1-5
    1. After Job loses his health he curses the day of his birth.  What impact can chronic, painful health conditions have on our trust in God? 
    2. How does our spiritual life affect our body and vice-a-versa?
    3. How can we minister to those in chronic pain?
  • Read Job 38:1-3
    1. After many chapters in Job of Job complaining about the unfairness of his suffering, God speaks to Job.   Put in your own worlds what God tells Job? 
    2. What happens to us when we start to believe that we are on the same level with God and have the right to criticize Him?
  • Read Job 42:1-6
    1. When Job realized he could not answer any of the questions God asked him, Job responded.  Put Job’s response in our own words.
    2. What do you think was Job’s biggest challenge in surrendering to God?  What is your biggest challenge in surrendering to God and letting God be God? 
  • Read 2 Thess. 1:11-12
    1. The Apostle Paul wrote this to believers facing persecution.  How might it apply to believer’s enduring pain and suffering?  What might it look like to live a life worthy or Jesus’ call on your life when times are hard? 
    2. While we seek Jesus’ help in hard times, Jesus is enabling our trust in Him to be strengthened so that He will be honored by how we handle things.  Recall a person you know you honored Jesus by how they lived through a time of pain and suffering.

Bible Reading:  Job 1:6-22; 3:1-5; 38:1-3; 42:1-6; 2 Thess. 1:11-12; Mt. 11:28-30