PS#3: Weeping…

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Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

#3 – Weeping…

Think about life: 

  • In the home you grew up in how were emotions handled?  Was celebration expressed joyously or quietly?  Were you allows to express disappointment, sadness, and anger, or were you told to keep quiet?  Do you remember a time your parent expressed emotion? 
  • How has how you were trained by your family to handle your emotions affected how you handle your emotions in your relationship with Jesus Christ?
  • When you celebrate or suffer, do you tend to walk toward Jesus or away from Him?  What does that look like?
  • Can you be yourself with God or do you feel you have to pretend?

Exploring Scripture:

  1. Read John 11:17-44
    • What was the emotional state of the people Jesus encountered as he entered Bethany?   How did Jesus’ conversations with the sisters of the deceased Lazarus go?  (verses 17-32)
    • What emotions gripped Jesus (verses 33-35)?  Imagine that Jesus felt he could not be honest about his emotions.  How might have he reacted to the situation?
    • How did Jesus express his emotions and what did his response to the pain and suffering move him to do?  (verses 38-44)
    • Do you embarrassed or at ease at the idea of being honest with God the Father about your emotions, whether they be emotions of celebration or emotions of pain and suffering?   What would help you come to God as you are, without feeling the need to pretend?
  2. Read Romans 12:14-16.  Note:  These verses are part of Paul’s instructions to the church in Rome on how believers are to interact with the people in their lives. 
    • Describe the differences between a church that where we are not happy with those who are happy, and we do not weep with those who weep – compared to a church were we are happy with those who are happy, and we do weep with those who weep?
    • Talk about a time in your life when a fellow believer was happy when you were happy, or did weep when you wept?  What did that do for you?
  3. Psalm 13 is an example of a person being honest with God about where they’re at.  Read daily for a week and let it sink in. 

Bible Reading:  Joh 11:17-44; Rom. 12:9-16; Psalm 13; Mt. 12:15-21