NL#4: Imagine Replacing Boredom With Mission!

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Imagine a New Life! #4 – Imagine replacing boredom with mission!

Think about life:

  • During what life experiences have you been most bored? Why?
  • During what life experiences have you felt you made an important difference? Why?
  • How do people try to cope with boredom?
  • At this point in your life what gives you a strong sense of purpose?
  • List the ways that Cornerstone/Encounter makes a difference in our community, nation, and world.

Digging Deeper into Scripture:

  • Read Matthew 9:35-38
    • Instead of staying at home with family and friends, what did Jesus do?
    • What kind of people did he help?
    • When he saw the confusion and helplessness of the people in the crowds who came to see him, how did he react? What other reactions could he have had? If Jesus had condemned the crowds for their confusion and helplessness, how would the passage have ended?
    • To what did Jesus attribute their confusion and helplessness? What happens when sheep don’t have a shepherd to lead, guide, and protect them?
    • After having compassion on the crowd, what did Jesus ask his disciples to do?
    • Why do you think Jesus had them ask the Lord for more workers rather them simply immediately send the disciples out to do the work themselves? What happens when we pray for people in our community who are spiritually confused and helpless?
    • Why do we sometimes judge or avoid people who are spiritually confused and helpless; people who lives are messy?
    • What would it take for us to have the compassion that Jesus had for people?
  • Read Luke 4:14-21
    • How was Jesus’ understanding of his mission different than getting the “good people” to follow him and separate themselves from the sinfulness of the current culture?
    • Working to apply Jesus’ understanding of mission or current setting:
      • Who are the “poor”?
      • Who are the “captives”?
      • Who are the “blind”?
      • Who are the “oppressed”?
    • In the church do we believe the culture has more power to drag us down than God’s Spirit has power to redeem and restore people’s lives? Do we live in fear of the culture or do we live in confidence of the power of God’s mission?

Scripture readings: Mt. 9:27 through 10:4; Mt. 4:1-21; Mt. 5:1-12; Mt. 28:16-20