NL#2: Fill Up Emptiness With Vital Worship!

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Imagine a New Life! #2 – Fill Up Emptiness with Vital Worship!

Think about life:

Have you ever been driving a car when it ran out of gas? Tell your story. What happens when you run out of gas in a truck or car?

Are there specific transitions or events in people’s lives that can cause them to face a sense of emptiness?

What are common ways people try to overcome a sense of emptiness?

At what point in your life have did you face your deepest sense of emptiness?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:

Read John 10:1-10

  • What does Jesus say about himself?

  • As followers of Jesus, what does Jesus say about us?

  • (Verse 10) How is Jesus’ purpose different than the thief’s?

  • If “rich and satisfying life” doesn’t refer to financial wealth, what might Jesus have in mind when he talks about a “rich and satisfying life”?

  • How does our culture measure whether a person’s life is “rich and satisfying”?

  • How do you think Jesus would measure whether a person’s life is “rich and satisfying”?

  • What would it look like for us to look to Jesus first for real life?

Read John 4:4-30

  • How did Jesus use the image of the well water to get the woman to think about spiritual life?

  • (Verses 16-18) Why did Jesus have the woman talk about the brokenness in her relational history? What was Jesus trying to get her to realize?

  • (Verses 13-14) Talk about the words of Jesus as they apply to the difference between us trying to fill up our emptiness on our own vs. asking Jesus to fill us.

  • In what ways are we trying to overcome our own emptiness rather than asking Jesus to fill us up? What are the results?

  • What would it look like for us to go to Jesus Christ?

Scripture readings: John 4:4-30; John 10:10-10; Ecclesiastes 12:8-14; Eph. 1