MGR#4: It’s About People!

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Think about life: 

  • Talk about examples of homophobic, hateful, or hypocritical language or behavior from the church toward gay and lesbian people.
  • If you have gay, lesbian or transgender people in your life – family or work or friendship network – talk about how that relationship has worked out.
  • When you think about following Jesus’ example of loving people towards God’s best, what makes that easy – and what makes that challenging?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:   Jesus’ welcoming and transforming love

  • Read Mark 1:40-45
    • o Given how Jewish law declared lepers “unclean”, what kind of treatment do you think the leper was expecting from Jesus?  What hints does the leper give of how he expects to be treated?
    • o The leper was healed when Jesus touched him.  What happens when we “touch” people who expect that we will reject them?  Have you been in a situation when you expected to be rejected but were welcomed – what did that do for you?
    • o What people in our local culture may expect to be rejected and how can we welcome them?
    • Read Luke 19:1-10
    • o Note:  Zacchaeus was a Jew collecting taxes from Jews for the Romans.  He bid for the right to collect the taxes, then over collected taxes to enrich himself.  He was viewed as a despicable traitor and was shunned by all good Jews.
    • o How did Zacchaeus react to Jesus inviting himself to Zacchaeus’ home for dinner?  (19:6)
    • o How did the people in town react?  (19:7)
    • o What happened to Zacchaeus because Jesus had welcomed him?  (19:8-9)
    • o Do you have a story of welcoming someone who didn’t expect to be welcomed?  What was the result?
    • Read John 8:1-11
    • o Why was this woman brought to Jesus?  (8:3-6)
    • o How did Jesus first react to the pressure to condemn the woman?  (8:6-7)
    • o What did Jesus finally agree to do and what happened? (8:7-9)
    • o What did Jesus say to the woman whom everyone knew was guilty?  (8:10-11)
    • o What would have been the message to the woman if Jesus had not said – “Go and sin no more.”
    • o Note:  Jesus welcomed the woman and directed her to transformation.

Daily Scripture readings:  Luke 18:18-25;Luke 23:39-43; Acts 3:1-11; 1 Cor. 5:9-13