MGR#3: Does The Bible Even Apply?

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Think about life:

  • What changes have you noticed in our culture’s attitude toward same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior over the last 20 years?

  • How have attitudes by church denominations mirrored or been different from the cultural changes?

  • 40 years ago people tended to be focused on doing “what was right” while today people seem to focused on “doing what’s comfortable”. How have you seen that play out in culture and perhaps even in our own lives?

  • I have a friend who lived a gay lifestyle for many years, met Christ, had his life transformed, including his understanding of his own sexuality. He left the gay lifestyle and his gay partner. He is now married to a woman and has a ministry to parents whose children come “out” as gay. He calls his ministry “Swimming Upstream”.” (Pastor Steve) How is holding to God’s good design for human sexuality going against the currents of our culture?

  • What fears or concerns to you have when we address topics of human sexuality and same-sex marriage in church?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:

  • Read 2 Timothy 3:167-17

    • How is the Bible similar to and different from other books?

    • How have you experienced that the Bible is “God-breathed” in your own life?

  • Read Leviticus 18:1-30

    • Why is God giving these very specific instructions on sexual behavior? (18:1-4)

    • How serious is God about his people living out His good design for human sexuality? (18:27-30)

    • Read Lev. 18:22.

      • Some people say this verse doesn’t apply anymore because it’s part of Leviticus, which is part of the Old Testament that we don’t practice anymore.

      • Talk about the distinction between ritual and ceremonial “law” in the Old Testament that we do not practice, being under a “new” Covenant in Christ – and moral “law” (what is right and wrong) in the Old Testament which Christ came to fulfill?

  • Read Romans 1:18-32

    • (1:18-20) Does anyone have an excuse for not knowing God?

    • (1:21-23) What happens to people who do not worship the true God? What kind of idols do we make today?

    • (1:24-27) What does God let us do when we ignore him? How does Paul says that affects our sexual behavior?

    • (1:28-32) How does that affect our general behavior?

    • One of the key questions in conversation about same-sex marriage is: Are some people created by God to be gay? Or, is experiencing same-sex attraction part of fallenness and brokenness due to sin? How does this Romans passage answer that question? How is that answer received in our culture?

Daily Scripture readings: Ps. 119:1-8; Ps. 119:9-16; Ps. 119:25-32; Ps. 119:41-48