LC#9: Discovering Jesus in Mark 14:43-52

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Lifechange by the Book:  Discovering Jesus in Mark

Think about life: 

  • What’s the difference between a person who lives his/her life with a purpose, and a person who seems to have no purpose?
  • What gives your life a sense of purpose?
  • Jesus lived his earthly life with an incredibly strong sense of purpose.   How would your life look different if you have a strong sense of God’s purpose for your life?

Exploring Scripture:

  • Read Mark 14:43-52
    • What do you learn about Jesus?  
    • What do you learn about yourself/people? 
    • How do you feel about the story/teaching?   (Surprised, confused, threatened, excited, uncertain…)
    • What does this teach you?  (About Jesus, about people, about yourself, about your own spiritual life…)
    • How can you respond?   (To help you decide to respond, talk to God about what next step you believe he is asking you to take.)
  • During the remainder of the week read the following 5 passages in Mark, one a day, and answer the same 5 questions above.  Remember that the goal of reading Mark is to get a clear vision of Jesus – who he is, what he does for us, and what he is calling us to do today. 
  • Mark 14:53-65
  • Mark 14:66-72
  • Mark 15:1-15
  • Mark 15:16-20
  • Mark 15:21-47