GT#7 – Our Way to Victory!

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Grace and Truth:  #7 – Our Way to Victory!


  • God’s grace is his undeserved kindness in Jesus.  
  • Truth is Jesus being faithful to God’s design for people.

Think about life: 

  • Why do you think we value success so much over failure?  What lessons can a failure teach that a success cannot teach?  Have you experienced a “failure” or “mistake” that ended up being an important change point in your life?
  • Why would a person in leadership say:  “I never hire a staff person who has not experienced failure”?

Exploring Scripture:

Read Matthew 16:21-28

  1. If someone is trying to be a successful leader in our day – and does not understand or follow Jesus – at what points would they critique what Jesus says?  What wold they say differently to their “followers”?
  2. Why do you think Peter reprimanded Jesus?  (Verse 22)
  3. What does Jesus tell Peter?  (Verse 23)  How does that explain what Jesus says next?  (Verses 24-28)
  4. Focus on verses 24-27.  Does this seem hard or easy?  Have you seen this proven out in your own life of faith? 

Read 1 Peter 5:1-6

  1. We tend to think of authority as power.  What does Peter say elders in the church are to do with their authority?  How is that in line with what Jesus said in Mt. 16:24-26?
  2. How important is humility in the life of the believer?  What happens to the proud?  How does God work in the lives of those who are humble and trust the Lord?

Bible Reading:  Matt. 16:21-28; 1 Peter 5:1-6; James 4:6-10; Ps. 46; Ps. 107: