GT#2: Surrendering to God’s Grace and Truth

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Grace and Truth

#2 – Surrendering to God’s Grace and Truth

Think about life: 

  • “It’s better to be kind then right”.  How is that sentence appealing to you?  In what ways do you our culture operating that way?  What is the danger of being kind and leaving “being right” or truth out of the picture?  What is the danger of “being right” but leaving kindness out of the picture?
  • If someone asked you, “What is God’s grace?” how would you respond?
  • If someone asked you, “What is God’s truth?” how would you respond?


  • God’s grace is his undeserved kindness in Jesus.  
  • Truth is Jesus being faithful to God’s design for people.

Exploring Scripture:

  1. Read Rom. 2:4
    • What does Paul say God’s kindness is intended to bring about in us? 
    • How can God’s grace of kindness be abused?  (See Rom. 6:1-2)
    • What is required in our hearts so that God’s kindness does lead us to turn from our sin?
    • How does our culture’s current emphasis that being kind is more important than being right, a danger to our understanding of God’s grace and truth?   
  2. Read Luke 15:1-32
    • Keeping in mind the definitions of grace and truth in the “Reminder” above, how does this story show the father’s grace and truth to both his younger and older son?  What was the difference between the grace and truth that each son needed?
    • Which son are you more like? How might that make it challenging for you to accept either God’s grace or God’s truth? 
    • In your experience in church and with other believers, have you felt more an emphasis on grace, or on truth, or a healthy mixture? 
    • What would it look like for you to surrender to both God’s grace and truth in Jesus Christ?
    • Thinking about your relationships with family, do you need to make some adjustments so that both grace and truth happen in those relationships?

Bible Reading:  Rom. 2:4; Luke 15:1-32; John 1:1-18; Deut. 11:26-28