GF#5: Honor your father and mother!

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Get Free and Stay Free!  How Salvation Really Works

#5 Honor your father and mother.

 Think about life: 

  • How have your honored your parents through life’s various phases?
  • Are there times in your life when it has been difficult to honor your parents? When?
  • How is the biblical concept of honoring your parents different from what the world says?
  • What rhythms in your life would you like to start or continue, and what rhythms in your life would be beneficial to stop.
  • How have you seen the “learning process” played out in your life?

 Exploring Scripture:

  • Read Exodus 20:12
    • What strikes you about this commandment?
    • How would this commandment bring a group newly freed slaves life?


  • Read Ephesians 6:1-4
    • What parenting strategies have you used from your parents and what strategies did you make sure you did not use?
    • How do/did you model the spiritual disciplines to your children?
    • How do you encourage your children, regardless of their age?


  • Read Matthew 28:18-20
    • How did Jesus take his disciples through the learning process?
    • How do you think a person develops/learns character?
    • In the learning process, there are teachers and students. What is the easiest and what is the hardest step for you in the learning process as a teacher, and then as a student.

(I do- you watch.  I do- you help.  You do-I help.  You do- I watch.)