GF#10: Find Contentment!

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Get Free and Stay Free! How Salvation Really Works

#11 – Find Contentment!

Think about life:

  • As a child was there one toy that you really wanted and then got as a gift or purchased? Did you did from that toy what you expected?

  • When you were growing up did you think your neighbors had less or more than your family? What did you base your comparison on? Has that affected you in your adult life?

  • Why did you think we get to the point of really wanting something that a neighbor has or we see advertised?

Exploring Scripture:

  • Read Exodus 20:17

    • Pastor Steve defined coveting as “really wanting”; focused attention on wanting something that a neighbor has. How would you describe the difference between wanting something and really wanting something? In other words, when do you cross the line?

  • Read Genesis 3:1-13

    • (Verses 1-5) What was the serpent sales pitch to the woman to tempt her to eat the forbidden fruit?

    • (Verses 6-7) Why did the woman decide to eat the fruit? What was the result?

    • (Verses 7-13) How did the coveting and consuming of the fruit affect the man and women? Why did the woman say she ate the fruit?

    • Coveting or “really wanting” can be a result of not trusting God to give us what is good and what we need. Has there been a season in your life when you struggled with that doubt? What helped pull you through?

  • Read 1 Timothy 6:6-10

    • What does Paul say are the differences between a person pursuing contentment and a person longing to get rich? How does that fit in with the command not to covet?

  • Read Phil. 4.12-13

    • What does Paul say Christ enables him to do? What strength do we need from Christ when we have little? When we have plenty? What are the temptations of each state?

    • What one thing has helped you move away from coveting what others have to being content with what God has given you?

Scripture readings: Ex. 20:17; Gen. 3:1-13; 1 Tim. 6:6-10; Mt. 21; Phil. 4:12-13