FJ#3: Confronting Our Fears

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Following Jesus:  #3 – Confronting Our Fears

 Think about life: 

  • What are the main fears that seem to dominate our society and how do those fears affect people?
  • What were your greatest fears as a child? How did they affect you and did you/how did you grow out of them?
  • As an adult do you realize you have one main fear or have your fears changed as you’ve moved through the different chapters of life?
  • What has been most helpful to you in overcoming fears and learning to trust God?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:  

  • Read Mark 14:27-31 and 66-72
    • Compare what Peter said he would do in verses 27-31 with what he actually did in verses 66-72.
    • Why does it almost seem as if we’re seeing two different “Peters”?
    • What fears was Peter facing in verses 66-72? How did Peter’s fear begin at a lower level and then rise to a high level?  What did his fear cause him to do?

When Peter realized what he had done what was his reaction?

  • Where is it easy for us to trust Jesus and where is it hard for us to trust Jesus? What makes the difference?
  • Read Prov. 29:25. How did Jesus and Peter each fulfill a part of this verse?  Share a time in which you fulfilled each part of the verse.
  • Read 2 Tim. 1:3-11
    • Note: Paul was writing to Timothy, a younger church leader/pastor that Paul was mentoring.  What hints do you get in verses 5-8 that Timothy might have been struggling with fear?
    • Read verse 7. What would be the differences between a life ruled by fear and timidity vs. a life empowered by love and self-discipline?  How is Jesus Christ the key to the difference?
  • Questions:
    • Each stage of life seems to have its own fears. What fears seem to go with which stage of life?
    • What fears are the most challenging for you to surrender to Jesus Christ?

Scripture readings:  Mark 14:27-31, 66-72; Psalm 112; Joshua 1:1-9