FJ#1: Pursuing God’s Will

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Following Jesus:  #1 – Pursuing God’s Will

Think about life: 

  • What stories have people told you about their experience in pursuing and following God’s will?
  • When stories from the Bible come to mind when you think of a person/people pursuing and following God’s will?
  •  Think of a recent big decision you made.  How do you pursue God’s will as you went through the decision-making process?
  • What’s the main difference between a person who pursues God’s will and a person who does not?

Digging Deeper into Scripture: 

Read Mark 14:32-42

  • What is the setting of this story?  (What has already happened to Jesus in Mark 14:1-31)
  • Why reason would Jesus have to take Peter, James and John with him and leave the other disciples behind?   Who are your “inner three” that you would bring with you in a time of crisis and decision?
  • What Jesus tell the three about the state of his soul?  What does Jesus ask from his disciples?  What do people need from us in times of crisis?
  • What does Jesus wrestle and struggle with in talking with the Father?
  • What does Jesus ask the three to do which they are unable to do?
  • Why would it be a challenge for Jesus to pursue and follow the will of His Father?  How does that help you or apply to you?
  • What is Jesus’ upfront cost and backend reward?  Why does pursuing God’s will require trust and surrender?

Read Gal. 5:19-23

    • List the desires of the sinful nature.  If a person lives that way what does Paul say will they not inherit?
    • List the fruit of the Holy Spirit, whom God places in us as we surrender our lives to Christ.
    • What do you notice about these two different lists?  What has to happen before we can leave the first list behind?
    • How can the “fruit of the Spirit” list be seen as pursuing God’s will as a way of living rather than a precise path through life?
    • What’s the problem with seeing pursuing God’s will as a precise path through life?  What happens if I miss a step?
    • When does God’s specific guidance matter and when does God trust us to simply live life His way?

Scripture readings:  Mk. 14:32-42; Mt. 4:1-11; Ex. 14:15-31; Rom. 6:1-11