Christ is Risen: Trust God!

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Christ is Risen:  Trust God!

Think about life: 

  • What were some of the biggest surprises you’ve encountered in childhood or as an adult?  How long did it take the reality of the surprise to sink in?
  • What had to happen for you to be able to trust Jesus?  Would you say you have a low or high threshold of proof needed to trust Jesus?
  • If someone asked you – “Why do you trust Jesus Christ?” – What would you say?

Exploring Scripture:

Read John 20:1-10

  1. When Mary, Peter and John are confronted with Jesus’ empty tomb how did they reactions differ?  Describe each person’s reaction in a short phrase. 
  2. What questions about Jesus’ resurrection have you had or do you have?  Or you more like Mary, Peter, or John, and why?

Read John 20:11-18

  1. Because of Mary’s deep grief, what signs that Jesus is risen does she miss?  (Verses 11-15)  What has to happen for Mary to finally believe?
  2. Deep grief or profound disappointment can blind us to the presence of the risen Christ.  Share a time when that happened to you and what God did to bring back to you an awareness of His presence?

Read John 20:19-23

  1.  What were the first words with which the risen Christ greeted his disciples?  Why do you think he repeated the greeting?  What assignment and what resource did the risen Christ give his disciples?
  2. In the Bible “peace” means a fullness or wholeness to life; when all the pieces are fit together and make sense.  In what ways has the risen Christ brought peace into your life?

Read John 20:24-19

  1. Who would not believe Jesus’ resurrection and what was his demand?   How did Jesus react to Thomas’ demand for proof?  Once he got the proof he needed what did Tomas say?
  2. Have you gotten the proof you need to believe in and trust the risen Christ?  Or are you still looking for more proof, and if so, have you told Jesus? 

Bible Reading:  John 20:1-29; Luke 24:1-52; Matthew 28:1-20