Our Vision

Jesus Changes Everything!

We focus on the main message of the New Testament - This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! (2 Cor. 5:17) Join us in the adventure of surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ and experiencing His Holy Spirit changing everything through forgiving sin, healing hurts, giving us purpose, and instilling us with sure hope for this life and the life to come!

Jesus Changes Everything!

Our Rhythm

We’re learning to make the “Up, In, and Out” rhythm found in the story of Jesus life the rhythm of our lives.


We go “Up” in worship, connecting with God through song, scripture, prayer, and study.


We go “In” into community, connecting with others in conversation, prayer, and ministry.


We go "Out" in mission, joining Jesus as He brings forgiveness, hope and healing to our broken world.

  • We invite people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • We discover our relationship and responsibility to God in the Bible.

  • We listen and respond to God.

  • We live a rhythm of worship, community, and mission.

  • We pray the way Jesus taught.

  • We train leaders.

  • We employ our ministry gifts

  • We engage ready people.

  • We practice radical generosity.

Steve Anderson

Senior Pastor, Ext 210

Luke Smith

Luke Smith

Discipleship Pastor, Ext 211

Jesse Hurkes

Jesse Hurkes

Youth Pastor, Ext 216

Lexie Vetch

Carla Johnson

Assistant Pastor
Discipleship & Counselling, Ext 230

Lexie Vetch

Lexie Vetch

Business Manager, Ext 220

Jill Hauger

Kids Ministry Director, Ext 231

Tammy Hendrickson

Kids Ministry Assistant, Ext ???

Jen Koistinen

Kids Ministry Assistant, Ext ???

Brandon Trupe

Brandon Trupe

Assistant Pastor
Worship & Young Adults, Ext 218

Emily Trupe

Emily Trupe

Youth Assistant, Ext 219

Rick Klein

Pamela Carlson

Youth Assistant

Rick Klein

Rick Klein

Technical Director, Ext 225

Shannon Berg

Church Custodian, Ext 224

John Hessedence

Justin Stanley

Education Wing Custodian, Ext 229

Lexie Vetch

Lonnie Vetch

Maintenance Custodian

Lehla Pietz

1st Service Director of Music

Nicol Theron

Office Manager/Creative Arts, Ext 214

Sharie Bekeart

Infant Nursey Coordinator

Kid’s Hope Coordinator

Lori Kaiser

Early Learning Center Director, Ext

Jennifer Crismon

Early Learning Center Staff, Ext 232

Ashton Molengraff

Learning Center Staff, Ext

Early Learning Center Staff

Our Beliefs

Want to worship with us?

Consider this our invitation to you. We would be so glad to have YOU come to experience God with us. Come as you are, we are happy to have you in our place of worship.