Work is all about God! (Labor Day Weekend)

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Work is all about God!  (Labor Day Weekend) 

 Think about life: 

  • When you were a child what did you want to do when you grew up? Did anything change your childhood plan?
  • For the city of Watertown, name 10 jobs and then rank them according to how most people see their value or importance?
  • Do you think of work as a good thing or a bad thing?
  • If you could do whatever you wanted for work, what would you do?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:  

  • Read Gen. 1:1 through 2:3
    • What does it say about God that Scripture begins with God and His work of creation?
    • Why did God create?
    • What is the rhythm of work and rest God set in the creation story? What happens to us when we do not rest?
    • How is the work we do similar and dissimilar to God and His work of creation?
    • What does it mean that we are created in the image of God?
  • Read Mark 6:1-3
    • Because Jesus was a carpenter and from a local family they knew of, how did the people in the synagogue react to Jesus?
    • Note: A carpenter in first century AD Palestine was though to as a humble vocation with a very moderate income.
    • What does it say about work – even physical work – that Jesus Christ was apprenticed as and worked as a carpenter?
    • What might that say about the comparison people make between blue and white collar work?
  • Read Colossians 3:22 through 4:2
    • Note: Much slavery in the Roman world in the New Testament times was more of an apprenticeship in which a person would voluntary commit themselves to a person for a period of years to learn a craft or trade.  When that time was done the “slave” had fulfilled their commitment and would often be given a sum of money as a parting gift.
    • What advice does Paul give to slaves and their masters? How is the advice different from what the slaves and masters might be thinking?
    • How does knowing that we are accountable to the Lord for our work change how we do our work and relate to people we work with?

Scripture readings:  1 Thess. 4:11-12; Eph. 4:28-29; Eccl. 2:18-26