What is Worship?

Study Guides


Think about life:

  • When you hear the word worship, what three words come to mind?

  • What’s the difference between going to a concert and going to a worship service?

  • What have been the most important and powerful moments of worship for you?

  • When you attend a worship service what do you anticipate happening?

  • Why is it important for a church family to gather weekly for worship?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:

  • Read Isaiah 6:1-9a

    • What did Isaiah see and experience when he met the Lord? (Verses 1-4)

    • How did Isaiah respond? (Verse 5)

    • What did God do for Isaiah? (Verse 6-7)

    • What was Isaiah’s response? (Verse 9)

    • What in this story about worship have you experienced?

  • Read Luke 4:5-8

    • Note: This is part of the testing that Jesus underwent before he began his ministry.

    • What does the devil have that is his to give?

    • What does the devil want most from Jesus? Why?

    • How does Jesus respond?

    • How does choosing to worship God and serve him alone create enemies?

  • Read Romans 12:1-2

    • If people don’t give our bodies as a living sacrifice to God for all he’s done for us, what do people give their bodies to?

    • What behaviors and customs of this world does God want to change and transform?

    • How does worship help that transformation?

Daily Scripture readings: Revelation 4; Col. 1:15-23; Phil. 2:5-11; Psalm 150