Study Guide #7: The Mission Spreads!

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THE CHURCH MOVES OUT! #7 – The Mission Spreads! (Acts 8-9:21)

Think about church:

  • For churches, how effective do you think advertising is vs. personal invitation?

  • How do you find your way to Cornerstone Church?

  • Who are the people who have been instrumental in your spiritual life? How did they help you either meet Christ or further your discipleship?

  • Discuss the following statement: While advertising and strategy is important, real church growth happens when the Good News of Jesus spreads person to person. What can advertising not do that person to person conversation can do?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:

  • Read Acts 9:1-20

    • What do we find out about Ananias as a person?

    • In Acts 8 Philip shares the Good News of Jesus, accompanied by casting out evil spirits and healing people. In Acts 8:1-3 we’re told Saul was a person who had a great deal of religious and civil power; the power to imprison people. How does Ananias compare to Philip and Saul?

    • What is the one thing the Lord asks Ananias to do? (Acts 9:11-12)

    • How does Ananias react and why? (Acts 9:13-14)

    • How does the Lord respond to Ananias and what is Ananias’ response? (Acts 9:15-19)

    • What happened to Saul as a result of Ananias obeying the Lord? (Acts 9:17-20)

    • What might have happened if Ananias said “No”?

    • Our story:

      • Have we told the Lord we are open to being used by Him in people’s lives?

      • What obstacles to we encounter when we sense the Lord wanting us to begin to share our faith with others?

      • Commit to asking the Lord to show you whom He wants you to begin to share your faith.

  • Read Matthew 9:35-10:1

    • When Jesus asked the disciples to pray that God would send more workers in to the harvest fields, who did those workers turn out to be?

    • Note: Jesus asks us to pray that God will send more workers in the harvest field (more people to bring others to Christ), and as we pray we end up being those workers!

    • What are the signs of the “great harvest” in our culture today that Jesus is talking about?

    • Do you see yourself as a “harvest worker” or a fan of pastor’s who are the “harvest workers”?

    • What obstacles are keeping you from being a “harvest worker”?

    • What steps can you take to address those obstacles?

  • Read and pray Ephesians 3:20-21 daily during The Church Moves Out series, asking God to send us OUT into our community with confidence in Jesus Christ.

Daily Scripture Readings about the Mission Spreading Person to Person:

  • Acts 13:4-12; 13:13-43; 14:1-7; 14:8-20