PS#4: Trusting…

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Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

#3 – Trusting

Think about life: 

  • What has been the hardest thing for you to trust God with?  Describe situations God has brought you through that have increased your trust in Him?
  • Do you have a favorite biblical story about a person trusting or learning to trust God?  What encourages or challenges you about that story?
  • If we don’t trust God with our lives, what are the other options?  How do those options work out in the long run?

Exploring Scripture:

  • Read Genesis 50:14-21
    1. This is the end of Joseph’s story in which he is reunited with his brothers who sold him into slavery.  The brothers are afraid Joseph will punish them.  Joseph that he will not.
    2. What reason does Joseph give for not punishing his brothers?  (Verse 19)  How does realizing we’re not God challenge any strategies we might have for revenge?
    3. As Joseph looks back over all the ups and downs of his life, he comes to a conclusion in verse 20.  How does his conclusion direct his behavior towards his family?  How does the truth that what others intended for harm God will intend for good, help us as we deal with hard times and difficult people?
  •  Read 2 Cor. 1:8-11
    1. As a result of incredible pressure and challenge Paul faced in Asia, what did Paul stop doing and what did he start doing? 
    2. How is trusting in God’s resurrection power different than putting all our trust in God’s power to protect?  Note:  When Jesus faced arrest and crucifixion he did not rely on God’s ability to protect him, he relied on God the Father’s ability to raise him from the dead. 
    3. What changes in our expectations for our life when we shift from focusing on God’s power to protect, and focus on God’s resurrection power? 

Bible Reading:  Gen. 37, 39-50 (50:14-21); Rom. 8:26-30; 2 Cor., 1:8-11; Psalm 13