LC#10: Discovering Jesus in Mark 16:1-8

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Lifechange by the Book:  Discovering Jesus in Mark

Think about life:  

  • What’s the most unexpected thing that’s ever happened to you?   How long did it take you to adjust? 
  • What events in people’s lives can lead them to believe that they’ve lost favor with God? 
  • If you grew up in the church, did you hear more about the death of Jesus?  Or the resurrection of Jesus?  

Exploring Scripture: 

  • Read Mark 16:1-8
    1. What do you learn about Jesus?   
    2. What do you learn about yourself/people?  
    3. How do you feel about the story/teaching?   (Surprised, confused, threatened, excited, uncertain…) 
    4. What does this teach you?  (About Jesus, about people, about yourself, about your own spiritual life…) 
    5. How can you respond?   (To help you decide to respond, talk to God about what next step you believe he is asking you to take.)