GT#6 – Jesus’ Way to Victory

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Grace and Truth:  #6 – Jesus’ Way to Victory


  • God’s grace is his undeserved kindness in Jesus.  
  • Truth is Jesus being faithful to God’s design for people.

Think about life: 

  • Think about your experiences in churches or stories you’ve heard people tell about their experiences in churches: 
    • What stories illustrate a “Church of Grace”?
    • What stories illustrate a “Church of Truth”?
    • What stories illustrate a “Church of Grace and Truth”?
  • In your experience of Cornerstone, which type of church are we and why?

Exploring Scripture:

Read 2 Tim. 1:7

  1. Sunday we said – “When the cup is bumped, what’s inside spills out.”  The Apostle Paul wrote these words to a young pastor, Timothy, who was just starting out.  What “bumps” might Timothy have experienced as a young pastor just learning to preach, teach, lead and counsel? 
  2. What does the Apostle Paul say God’s Spirit has poured into Timothy that should spill out when he gets “bumped”?  When Timothy faced conflict and he was filled with fear and timidity, what might his response look like?  When Timothy faced conflict and was filled with power, love and self-discipline, what might his response look like? 
  3. COVID-19 has “bumped” our cup.  What has spilled out of your?  Fear or trust?  Love or distrust?  Panic or self-control?  What do you need to ask the Lord to fill you up with?  How will times of pray, Bible reading, and encouragement from other believers help? 

Read Phil 2:6-11

  1. What did Jesus surrender and why?  As a result of that surrender, what did God the Father do for His Son? 
  2. Sunday we talked about that what Jesus did – Surrender, death and resurrection/ascension – becomes the pattern for our lives. 
    • What have you surrendered to Jesus that needed to be put to death that was preventing you from growing up in faith? 
    • Talk about how you’ve seen Jesus raise up in you a new life that enables you to honor Jesus. 

Bible Reading:  2 Tim. 1:3-14; Phil. 2:1-18; Psalm 119:1-8