Godly Rest

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STUDY GUIDE FOR 5/20/2018:  “Finding Jesus in Your Boat: Entering Godly Rest”

Think about life: 

  • Who/what determines what you/your family gets involved in?
  • What does ‘rest’ look like in your life?
  • Have you ever thought about a difference between ‘rest’ and ‘Godly rest’?
  • What are the obstacles you face to experiencing Godly rest?

Digging Deeper into Scripture:

Read Mark 6:7-13. Jesus sends the disciples out. After they had done the work of ministry, they gathered back to Jesus to report all they had done.

  • How easy/difficult is it for you to take time to think/talk about what God has been doing in your life? How often do you take time to do this? Why is this important to do?

Read Mark 6:30-31. Jesus invites the disciples to come away with him to rest, in spite of the on-going needs around them.

  • How easy/difficult is it for you to disengage from your personal needs or other’s needs to get away with Jesus?

Read Mark 6:45-52. Jesus sends the disciples off on their own while he goes away and prays.

  • The disciples experienced great difficulty on the sea, struggling without Jesus in their boat. How much do you struggle bringing Jesus into ‘the boat’ of your everyday life?
  • When Jesus gets in the boat with the disciples, the storm ceases. Paul said that rest is the ‘cessation of striving’. How can you relate?

Closing Thoughts:

Paul told the story about dropping his daughter off to play. She began to run to the other kids, then stopped, ran back to him and hugged him, then ran back to the kids to play. He described this as a picture of what it means to rest in God during the regular stuff of life.

  • What could it look like to regularly acknowledge and be thankful for God’s presence throughout your day? As one pastor said, “I rarely pray longer than a half an hour, but I never go a half an hour without praying.” How could you get in this habit?

Paul told the story of having to disengage after work to see where God was working through his day and to process whatever he needed to with God so that he could be fully present with his family.

  • How consistent are you creating space to be with God daily? Weekly? What feelings come up in you when you think about spending extended times with the Lord?