GF#8: Grow Up into Joyful Giving!

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Get Free and Stay Free!  How Salvation Really Works

#8 – Grow Up into Joyful Giving!

 Think about life: 

  • Have you ever been the victim of a robbery? What happened, how did it make you feel, and were there lingering results in your life?
  • If you committed a petty theft as a kid and were caught, how did your parents handle it?

 Exploring Scripture:

  •  Read Exodus 22:15 and Exodus 22:1, 3b-5
    • What do you notice about how theft is handled in the specific situations in Exodus 22? What seems to be the emphasis or goal?  How does it help both victim and perpetrator?
    • Biblical justice emphasizes restitution or the repaying of what was stolen. Ancient near eastern cultures responded to theft with violent punishment, such as cutting off the hand of the thief.  Our current justice system also tends to emphasize punishment.  What is the advantage of a culture emphasizing restitution instead of punishment?  What’s the challenge?
  • Read Exodus 23:4-5.
    • What level of safety is created in a culture when people know they are responsible for looking out for the belongings of others, even those they dislike or see as enemies?
  • Read Eph. 4:28.
    • New Testament churches were small, often based in homes. What does it say about the church that Paul can address those in the church who have been thieves and give them a constructive path forward toward God’s best?  What could Paul have said?
  • Moving from the biblical negative to the biblical positive. (Ex. 20:15 to Eph. 4:28)

Grabbing what is not ours  >>  Guarding what is ours  >>  Finding joy in giving!

  • Which were you taught growing up?
  • Which is easiest for you?
  • What has God used in your life to move you from “guarding what is ours” to “finding joy in giving”?
  • Talk about the challenge we face in moving from “guarding” to “giving” when our culture is all about the American Dream.
  • What is the example the Jesus Christ has given us?

 Scripture readings:  Ex. 20:15; Ex. 22:1-6; Eph. 4:21-29; John 3:16-17