FJ #4: The Silence of God

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Following Jesus:  #4 – The Silence of God

Think about life: 

  • What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without talking to a person?
  • What does it feel like to get the “silent treatment” from someone in your family or workplace?
  • What would it be like to gather for a meeting and then be told that for the next 30 minutes no one is to talk?
  • What types of events happen in people’s lives or in the life of a community that make it seem like God is silent?
  • When it seems like God is silent why is that a problem for us?

Digging Deeper into Scripture: 

  • Read Mark 15:1-15
    • o What might it mean that we’re not told Jesus said anything as Jesus is bond and taken to Pilate for trial?
    • o What might it mean that Jesus answered Pilate’s question the way he did?
    • o Why would Pilate be surprised that Jesus did not defend himself against accusations?
    • o What does Jesus’ silence drive Pilate to do?
    • o Pilate asks the crowd questions in verse 9, 12 and 14.  How does the crowd respond to Pilate?
    • o What do we do when it seems like God is silent?
    • Read Mark 1:9-11
    • o What does God the Father say to Jesus at his baptism?   Why did the Father say what he said?
    • o Compare what God the Father said to Jesus at his baptism with God the Father’s silence at Jesus’ trial and sentencing by Pilate?
    • o What is going on?
    • o Has the Lord spoken to you in the past in such a powerful way that you can depend on the Word to get you through a time when the Lord seems silent?
    • Read Psalm 27.
    • o What does David tell himself about the Lord?
    • o What does he ask God for?
    • o (Verse 14)  What does it look like to wait patiently for the Lord?  What does it look like to wait impatiently for the Lord?  What does it mean to be brave and courageous as we wait for the Lord?  What would it look like to wait for the Lord in fear?

Scripture readings:  Mark 15:1-15; Psalm 27; James 1:1-4; Romans 5:1-5